QUEST provides several trainings & workshops to schools, non-profit organizations, grassroots organizations, youth programs and young folks themselves. Our goal with all trainings is to increase public knowledge about LGBTQ socio-political issues, to increase LGBTQ-affirming attitudes & behavior in institutions and to directly address the stigmatization of the LGBTQ community by normalizing conversations about gender and sexuality.

Trainings/workshops include:

See the Rainbow

This cultural competency training focuses on teaching basic LGBTQ terms and definitions, how gender and sexuality impact our organizational structures and practices, and strategies on how to implement inclusive, affirming anti-oppressive practices into your organization culture.

We Matter!

Learn how to implement an identit/ies-affirming lens to youth programming that is equitable, inclusive and intersectional.

Queer+: A Brown & Black Narrative

This training covers the black, brown, poor and femme roots of the LGBTQ Pride Movement and how racism impacts LGBTQ folks of color differently than their white counterparts.

Power & Privilege

This workshop engages participants in a conversation that critically analyzes the ways in which we all participate, perpetuate and can dismantle oppressive systems, behaviors and attitudes.

Youth Healing Circles

Healing circles are often called hocokah in the Lakota language, which means a sacred circle. Healing circles are an opportunity for LGBTQ young folks who have been harmed to address trauma, its impact and participate in the collective healing of their peers.

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